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BBC SD channels on satellite have now closed – limited help scheme resources available – scheme closes on 16 February 2024

The BBC closed all its SD channels on satellite on 8 January 2024 – a ‘channel closed’ message is now displayed on any SD-only satellite boxes that were being used to watch SD versions of BBC channels.

For any SD-only satellite device users that have not yet upgraded, we are still able to offer advice and limited support through our help scheme – however, there is very limited availability and the scheme will be fully closing from 16 February.

If you still need advice or support, we would strongly encourage you to act now whilst support is available. After 16 February, no further help scheme support to upgrade will be available.

Until 16 February, you can call our support line on 0330 123 1876* during the hours of 9am and 5pm during weekdays. You will be asked to leave your details and you will be contacted over phone by a member of our support team within five days (and before the scheme closure date of 16 February.)

Regarding the support, both our contact centre and website ( have information on the options available to impacted viewers.

For those viewers who are eligible for further support, the quickest way to get your BBC channels back is to take the ‘self-install’ set-top box option – our replacement boxes are simple to install and come with full instructions to help you or possibly a friend or family member to get you up and running. We also have a small number of engineer visits available but the install visits (and any follow-up visits that may be required) are only bookable for dates up until 16 February and no further support can be provided after that date

If you are a Sky customer you can call 0333 759 5121 and they will talk you through options available to upgrade your equipment.

Please note, Freeview channels are unaffected by the BBC’s SD channel switch-off on satellite.