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Switch from SD to HD on satellite

The BBC is replacing its standard definition (SD) broadcasts on satellite with high definition (HD) versions.

When this is happening?

  • The BBC has now closed all its regional BBC One SD channels, and replaced them with a UK-wide version of BBC One in SD. At the same time, the BBC has launched the HD version of your local BBC One channel which you can find on channel 101.
  • Update: On 8th January 2024, the BBC will be ending its SD broadcasts on satellite. To avoid losing channels, we strongly recommend that any impacted viewers upgrade as soon as possible.

When does my area switch?

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Will you be affected by the switch to HD?

This switch only affects people using an SD-only satellite set-top box. If you’re still using an SD-only box, you will have lost your local programming in January-February 2023. In early 2024, you will lose all your BBC channels.

How to tell if you’re using an SD-only box

Go to channel 799 on your TV (Freesat customers only). If you see a “Good news!” message, then you don’t need to do anything. You’re ready and won’t be affected. Your new HD BBC One region has already launched and you can find it on channel 101. 

If you see a “sorry, your satellite set-top box is not capable of receiving high definition services” message, these changes will affect you and you will need to upgrade your satellite box. However, you may be eligible for extra support.

How this affects me

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There’s help for people with SD-only boxes

The BBC and Freesat have launched this help scheme website to support people with SD-only satellite boxes to move to a high-definition (HD) device.

We’re providing information to everyone on what’s happening and the options available. And for those who are eligible, we’re providing extra support. We are prioritising our resources for the most vulnerable audience members - those aged over 75 and/or those in receipt of one of a small number of particular benefits. To find out if you’re eligible for extra support, click the button below to go to our eligibility checker tool.

Eligibility Checker Tool

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In 2023, the BBC will be switching off the SD satellite feed on all their channels. What this means is, viewers with older set top boxes, which are not HD enabled, will no longer be able to view BBC channels once the switch off has taken place. 

Customers affected by the SD Satellite switch off are Freesat and Sky customers, who have SD enabled devices only.

An easy way to check if you’re affected is by going to channel 799 on your set top box. A message will display to advise whether your device is HD enabled or not. If your box is not HD enabled, you will be affected and will need to change your device if you wish to continue watching BBC services.  

If you cannot see a message on channel 799, this may indicate you are not a Freesat or Freeview customer. We would advise to contact your TV provider directly if you are unsure as to whether you have a HD enabled box.