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How can I apply for assistance?

As part of this help scheme, we are:

  • providing information on the options to upgrade to a HD device
  • Providing information on the scheme itself and offering assistance to eligible viewers.

There are a range of HD-enabled satellite devices already available on the market, at different prices to suit your affordability. We've detailed below on where you can find them.

With the assistance we have available to offer, this varies depending on your household and lifestyle. Eligible customers may be entitled to either a webstore voucher or a home engineer installation visit - 1 claim per household only. We reserve the right to carry out further checks before your claim is processed - multiple claims per household will not be accepted.

To find out if you qualify for extra support, please go to our eligibility checker tool.

If you are not sure whether you are affected, follow our easy guide to check. 

I want to purchase my own HD-enabled device

There is a range of HD-enabled satellite devices already available from many high-street retailers.

As well as giving you access to a range of HD channels (including all the BBC’s HD channels), some of these HD-enabled satellite devices have extra features when they’re connected to the internet. This includes On Demand and catch-up services via apps like BBC iPlayer or ITVX, as well as providing access to subscription video apps like Netflix and Prime Video.

Please note, most of the Freesat boxes currently on the market require an HDMI socket to be available on the TV.  (For more information on HDMI connections, please visit If your TV does not have an HDMI socket/cable, then we recommend the Manhattan SX box as being able to provide the widest range of alternative connections (including SCART.)  For more details on all the connections possible with the Manhattan SX box, please refer to the section “HDMI, SCART & RCA cables” on the Manhattan SX box website here:

Check out the retailers here:


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If you need extra help

We are providing some assistance for elderly audiences or those in need of extra support – however, depending on demand, the quickest way to get yourself ready for the switchover will be to buy your own HD TV Box from one of the high-street retailers above.

To find out if you qualify for extra support, please go to our eligibility checker tool. Any responses and information that you provide will be covered by this website’s privacy policy.

Eligibility Checker Tool