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HD Satellite Upgrade Help Scheme FAQs

In 2023, the BBC will making some changes to the SD versions of its channels. And in early 2024, the BBC will be closing the SD channels completely. This means viewers with older set-top boxes which are not HD enabled will no longer be able to view BBC channels once the switch off has taken place. 

Customers affected by the HD Satellite Upgrade are Freesat and Sky viewers who do not already have HD-enabled devices. Find out if you're affected by the switch off. 

An easy way to check if you’re affected is by going to channel 799 on your Freesat set top box. A message will display to advise whether your device is HD enabled or not. If your box is not HD enabled, you will be affected and will need to change your device if you wish to continue watching BBC services.  

If you cannot see a message on channel 799, this may indicate you are not a Freesat or Freeview customer. We would advise to contact your TV provider directly if you are unsure as to whether you have a HD enabled box.  

if you're a Sky box user, go directly to to check if you're affected. 

The BBC are aware of how this will affect Freesat and Sky viewers who have SD devices. Therefore, the BBC have set up this help scheme and website to provide information on options available to assist eligible viewers switch their older SD set-top box for a new HD enabled set-top box. This will minimise disruption on accessing the BBC services for these customers.  

There are multiple eligibility factors taken into consideration. We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you to apply. You'll simply need to answer a few questions here and we will let you know if you are eligible for support. To find out if you qualify for extra support, please go to our eligibility checker tool.

If you’re eligible, we can offer an in home visit and installation service for customers who are classed as vulnerable. The service will be undertaken by a professional DBS-checked engineer – they’ll install the replacement box if you’re eligible, and will have you back and up running with all the BBC’s HD channels.

Find out more about home support below.  

If your satellite dish is currently working as expected, then it will not need to be updated to allow for HD channels. Upon receiving a HD set top box, you will be able to plug it into your TV and continue watching TV. 

If you are ineligible for support through this help scheme, you will need to purchase a new HD-ready box. 

There is a range of devices available from high-street retailers, or you can buy directly from the Freesat webstore, where you can find out more about the Freesat 4K box.

If you have any queries regarding this help scheme, your claim or an order, our customer support team are on hand to help. 

Give our team a call on 0330 123 1876* or visit our Contact Us page for further contact details and opening times. 

*Calls to this number are charged at your provider’s standard landline rates and are generally covered within any inclusive minutes allowance you may have.

Home Installation Support

Installing your new HD box is very simple to do. Upon receiving a HD set top box, you will be able to plug it into your TV and continue watching TV. 

If you have a Manhattan SX box, you can find more information about installation through the product manual.

If you have purchased a Freesat 4K set top box, you can find the product manuals on the Freesat website. 

Some of our customers, who meet certain criteria, are eligible for free home installation support of a HD set-top box. 

The installation visits are organised by authorised third-party engineers.

When you speak to our customer support team, they will discuss your eligibility and circumstances over the telephone and will advise you on what support you are eligible for and what the next steps are. Give our team a call on 0330 123 1876 to discuss how we can help you. 

We can expect the engineering visits to take up to 60 minutes.  

Someone is required to be present when the engineer visits your home to install your new set top box.  

Ordering a new HD device

When our help scheme is fully up and running, you'll be able to take an eligibility checker questionnaire. If you are eligible for support via this help scheme, you will receive a voucher for which can be redeemed towards a new HD device at

To find out if you qualify for extra support, please go to our eligibility checker tool.

Alternatively, a new HD enabled device can be purchased at a select number of retailers. Find out more about our retailers

Whether you purchase a new HD enabled box directly, or receive a new box through the help scheme, there is at least 12 month warranty available through Freesat.

If you receive a Manhattan SX box, you are entitled to an additional 12 months warranty (on top of the first 12 months) if you register your box directly with Manhattan. Register your Manhattan box.

Any vouchers received as part of the HD satellite upgrade scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional voucher or discount and is only redeemable on the Freesat webstore.

Your voucher will be sent to you within 24 hours of submission of your application. You will receive your voucher via email. If you haven't received your voucher, please check your spam/junk folders (if you're using Gmail, check your Promotions folder). 

If you are still experiencing issues, please call our Customer Support team on 0330 123 1876