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About the Help Scheme

This website and the associated help scheme has been designed to help all viewers understand what their options are when the BBC closes the standard definition (SD) versions of its channels.

If you connect your TV directly via a cable to your satellite dish (i.e you do not use a satellite set-top box) then your TV is already HD-enabled. In this case, there's nothing you need to do - your TV channels continue to work when the SD regions are switched off and the HD regions are enabled. Great news – you should now have all the BBC services in HD. 

Viewers impacted by the change will most likely have a set-top box that will need to be upgraded to a HD-enabled model.

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To find out if you’re going to be impacted by the BBC’s changes to its satellite channels, then head over to How does this affect me page where a few simple checks can help you to identify if you have an SD-only box and if it is affected.  We have lots of information and details on the options available to you.

Aside from providing information, we recognise that some viewers may need further support, and our help scheme will be offering assistance to the elderly or those people with some form of impairment.  

For those that pass our eligibility criteria test, the help scheme will provide a voucher that can be used on the Freesat website to buy a replacement set-top box that gives you access to the BBC linear channels and other linear channels on the Freesat platform. We will provide one solution per household only - this could be either 1 webstore voucher or 1 engineer home visit with box installation. We reserve the right to carry out further checks before your claim is processed - multiple claims per household will not be accepted.

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Please note that we are not providing replacement televisions or PVR (personal video recorder) devices. However, viewers may choose to use their voucher to upgrade from the help scheme box offers and put the voucher towards the purchase of a new Freesat 4K TV Box. This Freesat set-top box provides more great features, including the ability to record up to four shows at once, as well as access to a range of on-demand services. 

We expect most viewers with an existing satellite installation will be able to set up the new replacement device easily – but for any viewers requiring a greater degree of assistance, such as those with a physical impairment, we can also arrange an experienced and qualified DBS-checked engineer to come to your house and connect the replacement box up for you.

However, the quickest possible solution and the one that we would recommend is to ask a family member, friend or neighbour to help you with the simple installation of our ‘plug and play’ box. 

You can find out more about how the help scheme will operate on our Code of Service page. You can also find out more about who is supporting the help scheme. 

To find out if you qualify for extra support, please go to our eligibility checker tool by clicking the button below.

Eligibility Checker Tool

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